My name is Marissa Adler.  I am blessed to be a wife, mommy, friend and designer.  I have always dreamed about and tried to create unique and life-giving environments since I was a child (and professionally since 2003).  I love the process of starting with something exactly as it is, seeing the beauty within it (regardless of it's current state or condition) and envisioning the endless possibilities of where it can go and what it can become. I believe that design is the art of layering in beauty and details. 

I love being a part of the metamorphosis that happens when that process is combined with a client's personal taste and style, so that it can bring out the the best in everything and every person to create fresh environments where life happens more fully.  I love tradition and the glorious past it represents.  

There are so many powerful lessons to learn from the stories and origins of people, places, and things.  I see in everything the beauty, hope and promise in what has yet to be discovered.  The new!  The miraculous can happen when you transform tradition into a modern expression.  The intersection of timeless elegance and modern details is the space that I hope to both occupy and create, building a living space between a beautiful past and an exciting future.